Business Aviation at Vnukovo-3 Airport

Oct 02, 2023

Vnukovo-3 Airport, also known as Vnukovo VIP Terminal, is a key hub for business aviation in Moscow and Russia in general. This airport provides the highest level of comfort, safety and convenience for business travelers and crewed private jet charters. It is important to note that at Vnukovo-3 airport it is possible to order a private jet through the JETVIP company.

1. Exclusive VIP terminal

The Vnukovo-3 VIP terminal is designed specifically for business travelers and private jet rentals. It provides a level of comfort and service comparable to the world's best airports. You will be met and escorted to the aircraft, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.

2. Extensive Infrastructure

Vnukovo-3 Airport has modern infrastructure, including high-quality business areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, and even special VIP waiting areas. Here you will find everything you need for productive work and relaxation.

3. High Security

Safety always comes first in business aviation. Vnukovo-3 Airport provides a high level of security for all passengers and airport personnel. Modern control and safety systems guarantee the safety of every flight.

4. Renting Private Jets with Crew

Vnukovo-3 provides a wide selection of private aircraft with crew for rent through JETVIP. Whatever your need, you can choose the right option for your business journey. Professional crews ensure safety and comfort during the flight.

5. Strategic Location

Vnukovo-3 Airport is located just a few kilometers from the business center of Moscow, making it an ideal choice for business travel. This allows you to reduce travel time and increase the efficiency of your business meetings.

6. Personalized Service

Vnukovo-3 offers outstanding personalized service. All staff are trained to serve business travelers, taking into account their individual needs and providing first-class service.

Vnukovo-3 Airport is an ideal destination for business travel in Moscow and Russia, where business aviation is combined with comfort and efficiency. Whether you're planning business meetings or important client travel, this airport has everything you need for successful business travel, including private jet availability through JETVIP.

JETVIP is the No. 1 business aviation company in Russia.

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