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Jun 01, 2021

JETVIP - instant calculation of the cost of a flight on a business jet is already a reality
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Sep 18, 2020

The cost of a medical flight. Experts and participants in the aviation market
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Aug 20, 2020

Business jets - how rich Russians get to foreign villas in a pandemic
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Aug 13, 2020

Private jet demand on the rise as wealthy Russians take off amid COVID-19 pandemic
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Jun 27, 2020

Wealthy Russians fly to the West on business jets to wait out the quarantine
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Jun 18, 2020

The number of business jet flights from Moscow doubled in early summer.
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May 27, 2020

Its Private jet time. Who flies in the skies over Russia and how much can it cost?
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Mar 05, 2020

Demand for Private Jets Rises as Wealthy Russians Look to Spend Lockdown in the West
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Mar 02, 2020

Closing borders does not prevent the Russian rich from flying to Europe for self-isolation
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