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JETVIP LLC 19027 Russia, Moscow, Vnukovo airport, 3rd floor

JETVIP LLC –  #1 business aviation broker in Russia,Moscow

JETVIP works for those who value their time over money. We provide aircraft charters to deliver you anywhere, at any time. Our expert team has an average experience of 15 years of work in the respective industry. Our core principle is to provide maximum comfort and support to our customers in dealing with whatever issues there can be.

Our headquarters is situated in Vnukovo-3. The choice of this airport is based on several reasons discussed below. We have all the resources at ourdisposal to make a businessperson feel relaxed and comfortable while waiting for the flight and while in the air.

Benefits of business aviation services in Vnukovo-3

Through constant market monitoring and competition studies, we aspire to give our customers more than anyone else could.

Core advantages of our company:

  • A VIP hall for waiting or holding negotiations;
  • priority take-off and landing order;
  • flight and vehicle preparation within 1.5 hours;
  • greeting at the airport at any time of day or night.

Customers who charter a private flight get it all for free.

Business aviation in Vnukovo-3 leans on three pillars:

  • compliance with the customer's requirements. The company's private fleet consists of 7 aircraft. These are different in terms of passenger capacity (8 to 50 persons) and technical specifications. The choice of aircraft is up to the customer;
  • safety. Each aeroplane undergoes a comprehensive diagnostics procedure once in every 200 flight hours. We do not keep any planes beyond six years old;
  • the great service you are accustomed to. We have everything to please our customer: you have a personal manager to deal with any travel issues, access to restaurant meals while you are waiting for your flight or en route, the aeroplane cabins are both comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

Why have we chosen Vnukovo-3 as the base for our aviation brokerage operations?

Vnukovo-3 is the most advanced business aviation centre in Russia and the Eastern Europe. It is noted for its cutting-edge infrastructure and meets all VIP customer requirements to private airports. The total area of apron and hangar facilities allows handling over 250 aircraft at once and perform the required technical maintenance right in the airport.

Two VIP terminals with a throughput capacity of 100 persons an hour provide an excellent environment for those waiting for their flights; thanks to parking lots and security within the territory, passengers may leave their vehicles and valuables in Moscow in perfect safety prior to departure.

Aside from functionality, the Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Centre pays attention to the aesthetic side. Customers can take a walk through a designated leisure area, have some rest near the fountain or a small lake. It is a great sight to behold, whether you want to relax or set your heart on work.

The inland business flight terminal was opened in Vnukovo-3 in 2001. It occupies an area of 480 m2. Customers have access to two conference rooms, a bar and an ATM.

The international terminal first opened its doors five years later. It is a facility of 7 000 m2 in area. The building and its premises are modified periodically, so as to ensure maximum compliance with demanding requirements of VIP customers. The complex houses several bars, Duty Free shops, 6 negotiation rooms with up-to-date equipment, exclusive furniture and frequently refurbished interiors, ATMs of different banks. This terminal at Vnukovo-3 sets the standard for modern business aviation.

Vnukovo-3 is the most advanced business aviation centre within the territory of Russia and the Eastern Europe. Its highly advanced infrastructure makes it easy to deal with any challenge that the time may have for a VIP airport. Spacious apron and hangar facilities allow over 250 different aircraft to be stationed at once and ensure the performance of technical maintenance. Two VIP terminals, a helipad and helicopter hangars, car parking lots and guarded territory, circumspect and fitted with abundant amenities – this is what the face of Russian business aviation looks like today.

Центр бизнес авиации Внуково 3

The Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Centre is a multi-functional facility unique for our country, capable of providing top-class services to business jets and VIP passengers. Finely designed parking lots conduce positive feelings, and the territory itself has a promenade area – a small lake with a waterfall shall help you ease up and relax while you wait for your flight. Round-the-clock security protects the entire territory of the airport, eliminating any chance of infiltration into the guarded area without a special permit. Two comfortable VIP terminals can handle up to 500 passengers an hour; 200 inland flyers and 300 international passengers.

деловая авиация Moscow

The inland business terminal, in operation since 2001, occupies an area of 480 square metres. Passengers can use two conference rooms, a bar and an ATM. The waiting area offers a magnificent view of the largest business jet apron.

The international terminal has been commissioned in 2006 and currently occupies an area of 7 000 square metres. Bars, Duty Free shops, 6 finely equipped conference rooms, ATMs and other goodies. The terminal was specifically developed to satisfy any VIP customer requirements to the fullest extent possible. Arrival and departure areas are separate, allowing passengers to avoid any bustle and devote themselves to their thoughts.

центр бизнес авиации

Courteous and skilful employees at Vnukovo-3 are ready to provide any required assistance to passengers at any time of day or night. You can always address your requests to any employee of the airport, and rest assured that theywouldhelp you. All service procedures have been tuned to perfection: border control, customs control, luggage delivery, passenger service desks, priority parking for business jets and many more.