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Long-term aircraft lease is the lease of a certain type of aircraft with a crew for a long period (at least 2-3 months) with a guaranteed minimum flight hours per month (usually from 40 hours or more). The contract is concluded with both individuals and legal entities If you often use business aviation planes and you need a plane with readiness to take off in 2-3 hours in the city where you are now, then long-term lease of an aircraft with a crew is most likely suitable for you. Read more about our experience in our article on long-term jet charter Who is a long-term aircraft rental suitable for? Long-term aircraft rental is suitable for both individuals and legal entities who fly at least 40-50 hours per month or more. It is also a good idea to rent a plane for several people and share the hours among themselves (Private Jet share). For example, 5 people rent a Challenger 605 jet (50 hours per month) and distribute these hours among themselves. In this case, we get significant savings on aircraft rental for everyone. What is included in the cost of renting an aircraft? You pay the operator a minimum number of hours per month and this amount is usually 40-60 hours and depends on the type of aircraft. For light aircraft this is 40 hours, for heavier aircraft, such as the Challenger 6055 or Legacy 600, at least 60-80 hours per month are required. You pay the minimum number of hours per month, but you can fly as much as you need. Each additional hour after the guaranteed hours are spent (we take conditionally 40 hours) is paid additionally at a cost that is negotiated in advance and fixed in the contract. In the case of renting an aircraft in our company, you will be assigned a personal manager who will be available 24 hours a day and who will resolve all issues related to ordering an aircraft and performing a flight. Example: calculation of long-term lease of Hawker 850XP aircraft: The customer requested to select the aircraft with the best price for the transportation of 3-6 passengers based in the city of Chelyabinsk, since the client lives in Chelyabinsk. The customer indicated that the geography of flights is 70% within Russia (Moscow, Sochi, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg) and 30% abroad (France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, etc.). Our company picked up a Hawker 850XP aircraft (2008, 8 seats) with Russian registration and a professional crew. Separately, several well-established flight attendants were offered to choose from. After negotiations with the airline, we managed to agree on 40 hours per month at a cost of 4,000 euros per hour, this is the minimum guaranteed number of flight hours per month. This means that the client can fly in only 2-3 hours for the entire month, but will be obliged to pay for all 40 hours. Since 40 hours either need to fly out, or they burn out. The cost of an hour of flight includes aircraft rental, crew work, fuel, airport taxes (or a certain part) *. Additional payments are made for VIP terminal and VIP catering for each passenger, aircraft treatment with anti-icing reagents, aircraft parking at airports outside the home airport.


The total is a Hawker 850XP jet rental of 40 hours per month = 160,000 euros + additional variable costs ex post (about 14,000 euros). The total is 174,000 euros for 40 hours per month turnkey price. * Data is provided as an example and may differ from aircraft type, airline and customer requirements. What is included or not included in the cost of an hour of flight is always discussed at the discussion stage and then fixed in the contract. All third party invoices at the end of the month are issued together with a full report on the consumption of hours and additional costs.


Here are more examples of the cost of a long-term aircraft rental Business jet Learjet 45, 6 seats Dry Lease: $ 60,000 per month ACMI: $ 215,000 per month (Up To 50 Block Hours)

Challenger 300, 9 seats. Dry Lease: $ 75,000 per month ACMI: $ 290,000 per month (Up to 50 Block Hours)

Challenger 604/605, 10-12 seats Dry Lease: $ 110,000 per month ACMI: $ 330,000 per month (Up to 50 Block Hours)

Global Express, 14-16 seats Dry Lease: $ 265,000 per month ACMI: $ 475,000 per month (Up To 50 Block Hours)

What affects the cost of a long-term aircraft rental: Aircraft type - the higher the aircraft class, the more expensive it is to rent. The minimum guaranteed billable hours. The more flight hours per month are recorded for you, the cheaper the cost of an hour. Home airport. All major popular airports in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, etc. will cost much more and will have a greater impact on the rental price than cities such as Ufa, Samara, Yaroslavl, etc.) Pros and cons of long-term jet charter. Pros of long-term charter aircraft with crew: You can rent any type of aircraft that suits you Aircraft availability and availability guarantee Readiness to take off the aircraft in a maximum of 2-3 hours. A dedicated manager for you Aircraft availability 24/7 daily. No

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