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Bordeaux, France
+33 (0)5 61 72 03 62
Показать Aquitaine Bordeaux, France

Airplus Helicopters offers a range of services, aerial work and passenger transport for business or tourism.

Our amenities, our fleet and our experienced crews guarantee the highest level of requirements in terms of safety and comfort.

With several locations in France including Aquitaine, Occitan, Central and the Pyrenees, we work on the whole national territory and abroad.

Since our foundation Bordeaux-Merignac, Toulouse, Rodez or Saint-Girons and Montpellier / Perpignan season, we realize all taken from the work of aerial views, photos and films (Cineflex), network monitoring, LIDAR, thermography, fire fighting, freight transport.

Airplus Helicopters is highly qualified in the field of helicopter loads in difficult to access areas (mountain, sea, urban).

We will study all your projects in a constant concern for quality and listening

JETVIP is proud of its partnership with Air+ Helicopteres and therefore we are ready to offer the best prices for rental private jets :

You can order a business and private jet by calling our numbers at the top of the site or leave your details in a special feedback form.

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