Airlift SA

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Operator Info
Athens, Greece
+30 2105596914-15
Показать Megaridos 124, Aspropyrgos, 19300 Athens, Greece

Airlift was established in 1999 and is considered as one of the pioneers in helicopter operations in Greece. Since then, the company has accomplished to build an extraordinary reputation by offering the highest level of services in the VIP aerial business, ensuring safety and discretion.
The well-trained flight crew and technical department of our company with its over the years experience, contributes effectively to the execution of the flights while observing all the safety rules according to the European and Greek legislation.
Airlift has been granted the approval of the Greek Civil Aviation Authority to operate commercial flights on various types of helicopters by its Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company is also an authorized Aerial Work operator with significant experience in various projects

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