CAVOK Airlines

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Operator Info
Kiev, Ukraine
+38 044 500 83 09
Показать 3 Obolonska Naberezhna Str. Box 3 section 1, Office 2 P.O BOX 04210 Kiev, Ukraine

The main activity directions of CAVOK AIR are:
— Air cargo transportation
— DG and special cargo transportation
— Cargo charter operations with 24H flight watch
— Planning and flight support
— Obtaining diplomatic and special permits
Company Management, Administrative, Engineering, Technical, Ground and Flight stuff is a team of very well educated, qualified professionals that have great knowledge and experience in aviation sphere (about 20 years). But along with the wisdom of the experience we are open for the eagerness and new thinking of the young generation, giving opportunity to new staff to work and learn in our team. You can be sure that every member our team from ground technician to general director know the job very well and doing their best in order to achieve the main aim of the Company – to satisfy every client with high level services of cargo transportation from the very beginning up to aircraft landing at destination point.
Our airline proud to have and appreciate dealing with every partner we have. And we always ready to provide maximum efforts to communicate and solve out any problem together.

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