Charter Wind

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Operator Info
Doral, United States
+1 844 359 9463
10451 NW 28th St., Suite F-101, 33172; Doral; United States

Charter Wind offers the broadest selection of private jets of any aircraft operator worldwide with over 5,000 different light, midsize, large cabin jets types available from 4 to 18 passengers and with our larger aircraft types able to accommodate 130 to 250 passengers.

Even with extremely short notice, we can get you a private charter jet to head to your important business meeting, family emergency, or any other engagement. For major airlines, you typically need to reserve your seat weeks or months in advance, and even then, mistakes are costly and frustrating to resolve.

We work with only the finest private jet operators in the world. Commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience, progressive aircraft maintenance, and flawless safety histories are all requirements of the FAA or any other equivalent Government agency serving our clients.

JETVIP is proud of its partnership with Charter Wind and therefore we are ready to offer the best prices for rental private jets :

You can order a business and private jet by calling our numbers at the top of the site or leave your details in a special feedback form.

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