Dove Airlines Private Limited

Tail number
  • Year (YOM)
  • Year of refit
  • No. of seats
    6 seats
Operator Info
Kolkata, India
+91 33 3980 0403
2A, Shakespeare Sarani, 700071; Kolkata; India

At Dove, a Non-scheduled Air Transport Service, we understand that in business, time is money. Both can either make you or break you. Which is where a business aircraft comes in handy – it saves your time, to attend to your more important jobs!
Dove brings you an aircraft charter service with the best that state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards of service can offer. We help you get to your destination without hassle or delays. And for all those who think business cannot be mixed with pleasure, you will think to the contrary once you travel with us, since we ensure that travel is indeed a pleasure.

JETVIP is proud of its partnership with Dove Airlines Private Limited and therefore we are ready to offer the best prices for rental private jets : VT-DOV

You can order a business and private jet by calling our numbers at the top of the site or leave your details in a special feedback form.

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