EliLombarda S.R.L.

Tail number
  • Year (YOM)
  • Year of refit
  • No. of seats
    8 seats
Operator Info
Milan, Italy
+39 335 1262095
Показать Aviazione Generale Linate Prime, Viale dell'Aviazione, 65, 20138 Milan, Italy

Since its foundation Elilombarda has based its growth on the fundamental concepts of quality.
In fact Elilombarda since the early nineties has based its organization according to the European parameters JAR, now EASA, which sanction the quality and product certifications for the companies adhering to the European community.
Elilombarda, in order to improve also the aspects of the satisfaction of its customers, a typical topic of the ISO standards, decided in the first months of 2002 to request the ISO 9001 certification for all the services where it is engaged today.

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