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Saint-Honore, Canada
+1 418 673 3522
Показать St-Honoré Airport 850 chemin Volair, G0V 1L0 Saint-Honore, Canada

ExactAir: a charter service, aerial work service, and flight school. This unique mix of missions allows a true advantage over each individual sector that we participate in. By having a flight school we can provide well trained crews to our charter and aerial services, our charter service provides real world experience to our students, and our aerial work provides opportunities to our graduating pilots. Thanks to the diversity of our operations we count on a team of over 50 employees to provide you with the best services in the industry.

Our clients, including Hydro Quebec, SOPFEU, SOPFIM, several mining companies, as well as government agencies at all levels, trust our services for their travel and missions onboard our aircraft. Society for the protection of Forests against Fire reserves about twenty of our aircraft each summer to help their efforts in fire suppression.

Each year, and for more than 20 years already, we participate in the Air Cadet program by training twenty new private pilots in just seven weeks during summer camps. 

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You can order a business and private jet by calling our numbers at the top of the site or leave your details in a special feedback form.

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