Fly4less Helicopters

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Operator Info
Budapest, Hungary
+36 70 9 44 44 40
Показать 1095 Budapest, Lechner Odon fasor 3 Budapest, Hungary

With our headquarter located in Budapest, Hungary we are at the service of our customers on a very short notice. Our base airport is in Budaörs from where our services may be carried out towards neighbouring countries as well. Our helicopters may be altered to be able to perform specific tasks. An aircraft is always on standby which guarantees our availability for our clients at all times. The insurance of our aircrafts are in accordance with directions applied throrought the whole of Europe. The efficiency of our operations and the quality of service towards our customers are guaranteed by our experienced, dynamic and young team who will assist you even with customized requests. Our range of services was broadened in 2006 by including aircraft trade activities. We have outstanding connection with the manufacturers of our current and previous helicopters as well.

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