Fuchs Helikopter

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Operator Info
Schindellegi, Switzerland
+41 44 787 05 05
Показать Friesischwand 1, CH-8834 Schindellegi, Switzerland

The company was founded with it's own heliport, for takeoffs and landings, in 1974 by Robert Fuchs - Bamert.
Through of the aviation activity of Robert Fuchs and his passion for flying, the flying flair was passed on to the daughter Lisa Stokmaier-Fuchs.
Fuchs Helikopter, developed a special gyrostabilized video camera and fitted to a helicopter. Back in 1995 it revolutionized the aerial photography in Europe.
Today, Fuchs Helikopter operate and manage a wide fleet of modern helicopters for all kind of work. A spare parts stock as well the maintenance facility and all operations are up to highest standards, to provide a continuing safe operation. Flight school for private pilot, commercial pilot, night training as well high altitude operation above 10'000feet, all out at our base in Switzerland. 

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