Giana Helicopter

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Operator Info
Milan, Italy
+39 0324 35433
Показать Via Paolo Ferraris, 15 Masera, VB28855 Milan, Italy

Present on the air transport market since 1970 and transports with helicopters since 1972, GIANA HELICOPTER has to his credit a rich history of special and diverse experiences and has acquired over the years considerable expertise in the aviation sector.

The headquarters GIANA HELICOPTER is located in Masera (VB), in 13,000 sq m private heliportable an area on the plain of Domodossola and welcomes the technical systems and the company's operational offices. The hangar of 1,000 square meters can simultaneously hold 10 helicopters in maintenance and the square has 5 landing zones.

The company also has a hangar at the airfield of Masera, with an area of ​​150 square meters and with admission capacity of 2 aircraft.

The peculiar location, in the center of the Ossola valleys, in a crossroads position with the Swiss territory and not far from the beautiful lakeside towns of Verbania and Cusio, has enabled the company to specialize in a wide spectrum of activities and to refine and consolidate over time his skills.

The know-how is today's customers every day made available, which can count on the availability and reliability of drivers with more than 23.000 hours of flying hours to their credit, made in the Alpine regions, as well as in national and international territory.

With over 45 years of GIANA HELICOPTER activity is the longest running reality that operates in the Italian market, in possession of all the European certifications and covering countless activities such as:


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