Great Slave Helicopters

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Operator Info
Yellowknife, Canada
+1 867 873 2081
Показать 106 Dickins St, NT X1A 3T2 Yellowknife, Canada

Great Slave Helicopters (GSH) is a helicopter company with a long-standing reputation for safety, a diverse range of specialized services and logistical support. With over 36 years of successful operations to our credit, our fleet of single and twin-engine turbine helicopters, along with our team of experienced professionals continue to meet the needs of our customers in the public and private sectors.

Since its inception in 1984, Great Slave Helicopters has been proud to call northern Canada home. GSH has 8000+ square feet of hangar space as well as 18000+ square feet of additional operational storage and a 1000 square foot paint booth at its head office in Yellowknife NT. Paired with operational bases throughout the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. GSH has the largest local helicopter support infrastructure in northern Canada. 

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