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Lydd, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1797 322 207
Показать London Ashford Airport, Romney Marsh, TN29 9QL Kent Lydd, United Kingdom

Lyddair performs on demand charter flights throughout the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Europe. Our fleet is operated under Lyddair Limited's own AOC (Air Operator Certificate) and meet the International European Safety Agency (EASA) standards. These include all aspects of aviation from the ongoing crew training to the aircraft maintenance and insurance as well as safety checks.
​We also proudly operate medical flights for the national organ transplant programme and transport light freight at very short notice.
We have performed scheduled and chartered flights to the popular resort of Le Touquet in France since 1997.
​Lyddair is a fully-owned subsidiary of Atlantic Bridge Aviation Limited (ABA).

From our genesis operating Trislanders as Sky-Trek Airlines (renamed Lyddair in 2002) we have come a long way. The parent company Atlantic Bridge Aviation was established in 1988 by Jonathan Gordon as he started his career ferrying aircraft across the Atlantic. ABA has offered its expertise and worked on various projects around the world including NEPC Airlines and to date provides a variety of consultancy services in business and commercial aviation, aircraft sales & asset management.

Operating on a global basis, ABA has been intrumental in airport management and development. ABA is proud to have been, and to continue to be associated with the development of Lydd London Ashford Airport. Purchased by ABA in 1996 Lydd was turned around and made net profits in Y/E 1999 and 2000 leading to a successful investment in 2001 since when the airport has not looked back. In 2005 the shareholding was reduced and ABA now advises the airport. ABA is both a partner and active contributor to the development of Lydd London Ashford Airport, our current home base.​​​​

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