Majestic Air

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Operator Info
Lichtenburg, South Africa
+27 18 632 6477
Показать 117 Scholtz street, 2740 Lichtenburg, South Africa

Majestic Air is owned by David Maree, who as a businessman and commercial pilot has used aircrafts for business travel within South Africa and out neighbour countries. He has personal experience of the practical and cost-effective benefits of the use of aircraft as an alternative to travel by car and train. Majestic Air is operated by Multimedia Entertainment Group Air (PTY) Ltd) trading as MEGA Air as Air Charter & schedule Company in South Africa. The Company was established in the year 2004. Our aircrafts are capable of operating too many smaller or rural airports where scheduled services are not able to.

Majestic Air provides schedule flights, offering a choice of aircraft and pricing. Majestic Air has been making chartering in a private plain easy. Our primary focus is quality and reliability. Majestic Air has an accident free history with core standards of service and safety. The company provides a highly efficient service to travellers who wish to avoid the tedium of travel on South Africa's congested roads and in railways! At Majestic Air we know that efficiency, service and prompt response to customers’ needs are paramount in the discharge of our obligation. Hence we continually adopt total quality management methods to achieving our corporate objectives.

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