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Herzliyya, Israel
Показать Herzliyya Herzliyya, Israel

Moonair Aviation was founded in 1991, and it is the biggest aviation company in the field of private aviation in Israel.
The company has a broad variety of operations, including an aviation school, commercial flights, photography flights, experimental flights and more.
Moonair has a large fleet of planes including single and multi engine planes, pilots of various ranks and a team of professional and skilled instructors.
The company’s facilities are located at Herzliya Airport. Herzliya airport is the major field for the general aviation in Israel, and it has hangars for plane maintenance, aviation schools, flight simulators, crop dusting companies, charter flights and more. Moonair’s offices and operations are conveniently located along the airport’s runway.
Moonair owns and operates a maintenance center for aircrafts, approved by the civil aviation administration. The center takes care of the company’s planes and sells maintenance and examination services to other planes.
Geva Aviation, a part of the Moonair Group, operates the unique project of cloud seeding planes – a fleet of special multi engine planes and special trained pilots are assigned to this important national project.
Moonair is proud to provide services to many large companies leadind the Israeli aconomy. 

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