Ponderosa Air, LLC

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Farmingdale, United States
+1 888 659 1247
Показать Republic Airport, 1100 New Highway, 11735 Farmingdale, United States

We may never know who coined the proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” but one thing is certain, they never flew commercial. Because if they did, they would have started a charter airline just like Ponderosa Air’s founder did.

As a successful thoroughbred horse trainer, our founder grew tired of long drives and commercial flights to and from some of America’s most iconic racetracks. So, with no other options, he became a pilot and bought his first plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza. It wasn’t long before horse owners, trainers and jockeys were sharing the cost of fuel for the convenience of flying private and thus, Ponderosa Air was born.

Now, more than twenty-five years later, the bluegrass of Kentucky and that original Bonanza have been replaced by the tarmac and two 6 seat Cessna 421C aircraft. If you were to have asked Jan what set Ponderosa Air apart from other private air charter companies he would’ve told you it’s all about “putting the customer first” and “making them feel like part of the family”.

It’s that same customer-first mantra that has us so excited about the future, our new joint venture with Flewber and always continuing to strive hard, with everything we do, to make you feel like part of the family too.

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