Transporting live animals can be a complex task for pet owners who wish to travel with their furry companions. They often have a lot of questions, such as what they need to bring their pet to another country, how their pet will handle the flight, and whether the pet will be allowed on board.

Fortunately, private charters offer a solution to these problems, providing comfortable conditions for live cargo, including the right flight height and pressure. Additionally, a qualified veterinarian can accompany the animal during the flight, ensuring its well-being and providing medical assistance if necessary. Of course, the animal must also have a valid veterinary passport and up-to-date vaccinations.

At JetVip, we take the transportation of live cargo seriously. We offer a service dedicated to this purpose, and our managers will work with you to choose an aircraft that ensures your pet's comfort and safety during the flight. We are committed to providing a travel experience with no borders, so you can travel with your furry companion worry-free.


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