How and where can I fly during the coronavirus?

May 25, 2020

Where and when can I fly ? European countries will limit the entry of foreign citizens as much as possible, as well as the departure of their citizens to other countries to reduce the spread of coronavirus until the situation is resolved. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on the rapid restoration of regular flights on commercial airlines, and most likely regular flights will begin to resume only from mid-summer 2020. (We described the situation with the opening of the borders of European countries in more detail here). As for business aviation, now almost all foreign countries accept only their own citizens. Therefore, you can book a flight on a private plane to any country, provided that you have a certain list of documents, such as: Residence permit, citizenship, study visas, etc. We process applications every day and advise on such issues. Call us to discuss your particular case and we will be able to find a solution. If you suddenly decide to fly to Sochi, Altai, Crimea-we are at Your service. Planes from 4 to 18 seats are waiting for your order. We also offer associated flights and group flights How much do I have to pay for a private jet flight? The cost of renting a private plane starts from 2,000 to 12,000 euros per hour of flight, depending on the type of aircraft. The bigger and more comfortable the plane, the more expensive it is. A full list of business aviation aircraft can be found on our website. We understand that quite well-off people can afford to rent a private plane. But don't be discouraged, as we can offer various savings options or even combine several customers/passengers on a single flight, so that the total cost of the flight is divided between the participants of the flight. We also have a large number of associated aircraft from Russia to Europe and Vice versa. These are flights on the so-called Empty Leg system-which means the plane flies without passengers after a flight with passengers and therefore such a flight on a private plane can be ordered at an affordable price. For an approximate calculation of the cost of a flight on a private plane, use our calculator or learn more about what makes up the cost of a flight on a private plane. Flights during the pandemic on the business jet is safer than the regular airlines? Definitely Yes. The basis of this statement is that on a business jet you fly alone with your family, without strangers. The plane is disinfected before the flight. The pilots of the aircraft are in the cockpit during the flight. The flight attendant and crew undergo medical checks before the flight, as well as wear a mask during the flight. At the special request of the passenger, we can make a flight without a flight attendant. How many passengers can fit in a business jet? Small aircraft of the “light jets " category, such as the Phenom 100, can carry from 4 to 6 passengers and fly for up to 2 hours without refueling. Large aircraft such as the Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 6000, and Embraer Lineage 1000 can accommodate up to 18 passengers and fly for up to 12 hours without landing. There is a large number of different size, range and price of aircraft that we will offer for your flight. We can also offer aircraft options such as the Boeing BBJ, Airbus or Embraer 135/145, which can accommodate from 28 to 50 passengers or more. These planes are more often used for group flights. If I'm going to book a Charter, where do I go to find a plane? Best of all, if you have a proven business aviation broker. First of all, ask your friends who regularly use business aviation services to recommend a trusted broker. As for US, our company JETVIP makes daily flights to different destinations using different types of aircraft. Not only do we select the best aircraft offers on the market, but we are also ready to offer 4 aircraft from our fleet. We work with more than 100 private clients and legal entities. More than 8 years on the market. Request us and get quality service from professionals. How do I book a plane? There are several ways to order a private jet. Method 1: contact our managers in Moscow, Riga, Vienna, using the contact phone number +7 (495) 545-45-35 posted on the website. Method 2: by emailing us Method 3: using the online plane order form (by entering the necessary data: flight direction, departure and arrival points, dates and your wishes Our team will be happy to help you find the best-priced plane for any destination. Call us and we will advise you on all questions. We work around the clock. Your team

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