Vnukovo-3: Comfort and Efficiency

Oct 02, 2023

Vnukovo-3 Airport is your key to the world of business aviation

In the world of modern business travel, there is no room for expectations and inconveniences. Today, businessmen and entrepreneurs value every minute and strive to make their flights as comfortable and efficient as possible. One of such ideal departure points for business aviation is Vnukovo-3 Airport.

Vnukovo-3: Gateway to the World of Business Aviation

Vnukovo-3 Airport is part of Moscow Vnukovo Airport and specializes in servicing business and private flights. It provides unique opportunities for those who value comfort, safety and flexibility in their travels.

Advantages of choosing Vnukovo-3:

1. Convenient location: Vnukovo-3 Airport is located just 28 kilometers from the Moscow Kremlin, making it an ideal choice for business trips to Moscow.

2. Comfort and confidentiality: Business aviation passengers will appreciate the high level of service and confidentiality provided by Vnukovo-3.

3. World standard of service: Vnukovo-3 Airport is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable travel, including VIP lounges, restaurants and business centers.

4. Flexibility and efficiency: The choice of routes and flight schedule is at your discretion, and Vnukovo-3 guarantees the prompt implementation of all services.

Airplanes for Your Travels

Choosing a business jet that suits your requirements

Business aviation provides a wide range of options for choosing the right aircraft. Vnukovo-3 cooperates with various charter companies, offering access to aircraft of different classes. Here are some of them:

1. Gulfstream G650
Height: 2.59 m
Length: 30.41 m
Wingspan: 30.36 m
Cabin width: 2.59 m
Trunk volume: 5.89 cu. m
Flight range: 12,964 km

The Gulfstream G650 represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in the world of business aviation Vnukovo-3.

2. Bombardier Global 6000
Height: 2.49 m
Length: 30.28 m
Wingspan: 28.65 m
Cabin width: 2.49 m
Trunk volume: 5.24 cu. m
Flight range: 11,112 km

Bombardier Global 6000 is the choice for charter flights from Vnukovo-3.

3. Hawker 850xp
Height: 1.83 m
Length: 15.64 m
Wingspan: 16.08 m
Cabin width: 1.75 m
Trunk volume: 1.4 cu. m
Flight range: 4,144 km

Hawker 850xp provides an excellent balance of performance and comfort for VIP service at Vnukovo-3 airport.

4. Challenger 300
Height: 1.83 m
Length: 21.29 m
Wingspan: 19.46 m
Cabin width: 1.85 m
Trunk volume: 3.72 cu. m
Flight range: 5,741 km

Challenger 300 is the choice for medium-haul charter flights from Vnukovo-3.

Your Personal Space in the Sky

Make your trip comfortable and productive

Vnukovo-3 Airport provides all the conditions to ensure that your business travel becomes a real test of comfort and efficiency. Choose Vnukovo-3 business aviation and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the sky.

Reviews and Comments

What those who have already traveled through Vnukovo-3 say:

Alexey Ivanov: “The trip through Vnukovo-3 was a real pleasure. Excellent service and efficiency at the highest level!”

Elena Petrova: "I always choose Vnukovo-3 for my business trips. This airport really understands the needs of business passengers."

Igor Smirnov: “Planes from Vnukovo-3 are always in perfect condition. Efficiency and comfort are at the highest level!”


Vnukovo-3 Airport provides unique opportunities for business travel. Choose comfort, safety and efficiency on every flight. Enjoy your personal space in the sky by choosing Vnukovo-3 business aviation.

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