Business Jet Citation CJ3+

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Aircraft category:
Light and Super Light Jets

up to 8 pax
770 km/h
3,778 km
Trunk volume
1.84 cub.m

~ 2,700 €

Rental price (1h.)

Flight and line-up characteristics


Flight range:
3,778 km
Cruising speed:
770 km/h
Flight altitude:
13,716 m
Take-off weight:
6,291 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
Fuel consumption:
220 gallon
Landing distance:
768 m
Take-off distance:
970 m
Typical Avionics Suite:
Garmin G3000


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
4.78 m
Salon width:
1.47 m
Salon height:
1.45 m
Cabin Zones:
Salon volume:
8.01 cub.m
Trunk volume:
1.84 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
15.59 m
Aircraft height:
4.62 m
16.26 m

Data (Market)

Start model year:
2014 y
End model year:
In prod.
Total Time Min (hours):
Ask Price Min:
$7 500 000
Ask Price Max:
$7 500 000
Hourly Rate / engine:
Overhaul Interval (hours):
4 000
Overhaul Cost:
400 000 $
Mid Life Interval:
2 000
Mid Life Cost:
200 000 $
Approximate purchase price:
$7 995 000

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Легкие и малые самолеты
Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
Flight time
3 ч.40 мин.
No. of places
до 8 человек
Cost of flight
от 26 298,75 €


The private jet Cessna Citation CJ3 + received a type certificate in 2014. The model is an updated version of the Cessna CJ3 business jet.

The private jet Cessna Citation CJ3 + received a type certificate in 2014. The model is an updated version of the Cessna CJ3 business jet, which has proven itself over a decade and a half of operation. During this time, almost 600 units of the Cessna 525B aircraft were built. The Cessna CJ3 + is practical to operate and easy to maintain.

In the bow there is a kitchen for storing and preparing cold snacks and a bar. In the aft section there is a toilet room, separated from the main saloon by a wooden partition and a door. Passengers are serviced in-flight by the co-pilot; compact dimensions do not allow taking on board a flight attendant.

Comparing the Cessna CJ3 to the new + version, the differences are mostly technical. The glider and fuselage remained the same. A new Garmin G3000 avionics complex was installed, new Williams International FJ44-3A engines.

The Cessna CJ3 + is a reliable, efficient and well-proven aircraft. The aircraft design provides excellent speed characteristics, flight range and takeoff and landing performance. The newest Intrinzic ™ avionics suite, built on the basis of the Garmin G3000, includes all the most advanced avionics technologies that improve safety and also allow the aircraft to be piloted by one pilot. The new interior of the passenger compartment provides unrivaled passenger comfort in its class.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Citation CJ3+

How long of a runway does a Citation CJ3+ need?

The aircraft Citation CJ3+ requires a takeoff distance of 970 m m and landing distance of 768 m m. 

The Citation CJ3+ belongs to a Light and Super Light Jets (2-8 pax) category

Aircraft Citation CJ3+ equipped with avionics Garmin G3000

First Aircraft Citation CJ3+ was produced in 2014 year

The Citation CJ3+ is powered by engines manufactured by FJ44-3A

Aircraft fuel consumption for Citation CJ3+ is 220 gallon

Baggage capacity in Citation CJ3+ is 1.84 m3

The Citation CJ3+ has typical seating for 8 pax passengers and 4 crew.

Cabin height on Citation CJ3+ is 1.45 m.

The Citation CJ3+ cabin is 4.78 m. long from the cockpit bulkhead to the aft lavatory (excluding baggage).

The Citation CJ3+ has a service ceiling of 13716 m..

The max cruise speed of the Citation CJ3+ is 770 km./h..

The Citation CJ3+ has a max range of 3778 km.

Charter price for Citation CJ3+ staring from от 2700 €.

The Cessna Aircraft Citation CJ3+ list price is $7 995 000

We have 98 Citation CJ3+ planes on our base

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