Business Jet Global Express XRS

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Aircraft category:
Ultra Long Range Jets

up to 15 pax
904 km/h
11,389 km
Trunk volume
5.52 cub.m

~ 7,000 €

Rental price (1h.)

Flight and line-up characteristics


Flight range:
11,389 km
Cruising speed:
904 km/h
Flight altitude:
15,550 m
Take-off weight:
44,452 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
BR 710-A2-20
Fuel consumption:
530 gallon
Landing distance:
671 m
Take-off distance:
1,890 m
Typical Avionics Suite:
Honeywell Primus 2000


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
14.7 m
Salon width:
2.49 m
Salon height:
1.91 m
Cabin Zones:
Salon volume:
60.6 cub.m
Trunk volume:
5.52 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
30.3 m
Aircraft height:
7.6 m
28.6 m

Data (Market)

Start model year:
2005 y
End model year:
2012 y
Total Time Min (hours):
2 758
Ask Price Min:
$10 000 000
Ask Price Max:
$16 000 000
Hourly Rate / engine:
Overhaul Interval (hours):
8 000
Overhaul Cost:
$5 300 000
Mid Life Interval:
4 000
Mid Life Cost:
$2 650 000
Approximate purchase price:
10-17M $

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Легкие и малые самолеты
Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
Flight time
3 ч.40 мин.
No. of places
до 8 человек
Cost of flight
от 26 298,75 €


For super long-distance flights with high speed, it is advised to rent a Bombardier Global Express XRS. Bombardier Aerospace has developed an improved model of a superhighway liner to replace the practical Global Express. Supercritical wings with an innovative 35 ° tilt and T-shaped tail give Global Express XRS an advantage when taking off from shortened airport lanes. BMW RollsRoyce BR-710s engines with FADEC guarantee safe high-speed movement between any points of the planet, including non-stop intercontinental flights. You can order the Bombardier Global Express XRS for a comfortable long-haul flight, designed for a maximum number of passengers up to 19 people. The cabin of the liner is specially equipped for long flights, equipped with the necessary communications and ergonomic furniture, capable of transformation.

The Bombardier Global Express is a large super long-range administrative aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace at the company's plant in Toronto. Currently, there are three versions of the model: Global Express, Global 5000 and Global 6000. Global Express has military modifications Raytheon Sentinel and E-11A. Global Express can cover intercontinental distances without refueling on such routes as New York - Tokyo, and connect any two cities on the planet with one refueling. Global Express competitors are Airbus A319ACJ, Boeing Business Jet and Gulfstream G500 / G550. Among the components of the aircraft, there are parts of Russian production (landing gear).

Based on the Global XRS model, aircraft such as the Global 6000 have been developed. description and specifications of the model Bombardier Global Express XRS country and manufacturing company dimensions, number of seats, flight data and aircraft photo To rent and order a private jet Globach Express Global Express XRS worldwide, contact our company JETVIP.ru

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Frequently Asked Questions about Global Express XRS

How long of a runway does a Global Express XRS need?

The aircraft Global Express XRS requires a takeoff distance of 1890 m m and landing distance of 671 m m. 

The Global Express XRS belongs to a Ultra Long Range Jets (14-19 seats) category

Aircraft Global Express XRS equipped with avionics Honeywell Primus 2000

First Aircraft Global Express XRS was produced in 2005 year

The Global Express XRS is powered by engines manufactured by BR 710-A2-20

Aircraft fuel consumption for Global Express XRS is 530 gallon

Baggage capacity in Global Express XRS is 5.52 m3

The Global Express XRS has typical seating for 15 pax passengers and 4 crew.

Cabin height on Global Express XRS is 1.91 m.

The Global Express XRS cabin is 14.7 m. long from the cockpit bulkhead to the aft lavatory (excluding baggage).

The Global Express XRS has a service ceiling of 15550 m..

The max cruise speed of the Global Express XRS is 904 km./h..

The Global Express XRS has a max range of 11389 km.

Charter price for Global Express XRS staring from от 7000 €.

The Bombardier Aerospace Global Express XRS list price is 10-17M $

We have 99 Global Express XRS planes on our base

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