Бизнес джет Hawker 700A

Внешний вид

Фото интерьера

Схема салона

Flight and line-up characteristics


Aircraft category:
Mid and Super-Mid size Jets (7-10 seats)
Maximum range:
4,725 км
Cruising speed:
806 km/h
Maximum flight altitude:
13,106 m
Maximum take-off mass:
11,249 kg

Plane size

Plane length:
15.45 m
Aircraft height:
5.36 m
14.33 m

Salon features

Maximum number of passengers:
Optimal number of passengers:
Cabin length:
6.49 m
Salon width:
1.75 m
Salon height:
1.83 m
Salon volume:
17.11 cub.m
Trunk volume:
1.4 cub.m


Rental price:
from 4,000 €/hour
Purchase price:
$1,700,000 Used


This aircraft is designed for long distances without refueling, so renting a Hawker 700A is the right decision.

In 1978, Hawker created the Hawker 700A aircraft model. Unlike the previous Hawker 600A, this configuration has two advanced Honeywell TFE 731-3R jet engines. This type of engine allows the aircraft to accelerate to 435 knots. The cruising speed of the Hawker 700A can reach 420 knots. The aircraft's crew provides for two people, the cabin capacity is 8 passengers. When developing this model, the modern wishes of aircraft owners were taken into account, therefore the cabin was designed with conditions of increased comfort. Many people prefer this model and want to order the Hawker 700A. In the salon there are two sofas: three and four. They are upholstered in beige leather. The side floor is covered with natural burgundy carpet.

This aircraft is designed for long distances without refueling, so renting a Hawker 700A is the right decision. The Hawker-125-700 (also known as the HS-125-700) is one of the two most advanced models in the world's longest-running business jet program. An executive jet designed for medium-haul flights. 

The Hawker-125-700 became one of the development options for the DH-125, a De Havilland model. Later, this company became part of Hawker Siddeley, and the aircraft became known as HS-125. Improving versions of this aircraft one after another, the designers came to the Hawker-125-600 model. In 1976, the Hawker-125-700 was launched with improved flight characteristics and new economical Garrett TFE-731 engines.

The first flight of the new model took place on June 19, 1976. The aircraft remained in production until it was replaced by the Hawker-125-800 in 1984. The Hawker-125-700 aircraft is distinguished by its flight range and high efficiency. Navigation equipment meets the latest European requirements and allows you to fly without restrictions to all airports in Western Europe. Suitable for landing at any airport, including provincial airports with a short runway.

Despite the small size of the passenger cabin, the plane has all the conditions for a comfortable flight. The VIP-salon is equipped with soft armchairs and a sofa, as well as wooden tables, comfortable for both work and relaxation. There is a video and music center. Hawker-125-700 is convenient for transporting small groups (up to 8 people) over distances not exceeding 4000 km.

Operating costs Hawker 700A
Variable costs
200 hours per year
400 hours/year
  • Fuel cost $400/gallon
  • Support
  • Engine repair
  • Additional crew/landing/processing costs
  • Variable costs
  • Insurance
Fixed costs
  • Crew
  • Crew training
  • Hangar
Estimated cost of buying an aircraft
$1,700,000 Used
On the issues of acquisition
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