Business Jet Phenom 300E

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Aircraft category:
Mid and Super-Mid size Jets

up to 8 pax
839 km/h
3,650 km
Trunk volume
2.15 cub.m

~ 3,500 €

Rental price (1h.)

Flight and line-up characteristics


Flight range:
3,650 km
Cruising speed:
839 km/h
Flight altitude:
13,716 m
Take-off weight:
7,950 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
Fuel consumption:
200 gallon
Landing distance:
799 m
Take-off distance:
956 m
Typical Avionics Suite:
Garmin G1000 or G3000


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
4.5 m
Salon width:
1.55 m
Salon height:
1.49 m
Cabin Zones:
Salon volume:
8.39 cub.m
Trunk volume:
2.15 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
15.64 m
Aircraft height:
5.1 m
15.91 m

Data (Market)

Start model year:
2009 y
End model year:
In prod.
Total Time Min (hours):
Ask Price Min:
$7 950 000
Ask Price Max:
$11 000 000
Hourly Rate / engine:
Overhaul Interval (hours):
5 000
Overhaul Cost:
600 000 $
Mid Life Interval:
2 500
Mid Life Cost:
300 000 $
Approximate purchase price:
$9 450 000

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Легкие и малые самолеты
Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
Flight time
3 ч.40 мин.
No. of places
до 8 человек
Cost of flight
от 26 298,75 €


The Phenom 300 offers outstanding comfort in its class. Phenom 300 should be ordered by people who value a high level of air taxi service.

Its interior, developed by BMW Designworks US, captivates with its functionality: in addition to VIP-class passenger seats, satellite communications, a kitchen and a bathroom, it has niches for storing various personal trifles of passengers. The BMW Designworks US board can easily accommodate up to 8 passengers and transport them without stopping or refueling over a distance of up to 3334 km. Therefore, renting a Phenom 300 is ideal for business people who do not have the opportunity to waste time on the costs of public aviation. This aircraft differs from its super-reactive predecessor Phenom 100 with even better technical equipment, which allows it to cover distances at a cruising speed of 834 km / h. Updates to the hugely popular Phenom 100 aircraft were eagerly awaited. It is planned that the 300 will quickly break into the market for light 6-seater aircraft. With excellent flight performance and a relatively long range, the 300 retains the style and economy of its "little brother". One of the most modern airborne electronic systems on the market today is installed on board the 300, which greatly facilitates the work of the crew.

According to Embraer, the first Phenom 300 aircraft entered service in December 2009 and has held more than half of the light jet market share since 2012. The aircraft are operated in more than 30 countries around the world, having flown more than 800,000 flight hours on more than 600,000 flights. Over the past decade, Phenom 300 aircraft have flown nearly 2.5 million passengers the equivalent of a round trip to Mars. On average, the Phenom 300 flies approximately every 3.5 minutes to anywhere in the world, which is over 400 flights per day. In 2018 alone, the Phenom 300 aircraft performed about 150,000 flights.

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Operating costs Phenom 300E
Variable costs
200 hours per year
400 hours/year
  • Fuel cost $400/gallon
    200 hours per year $139,040
    400 hours/year $278,080
  • Support
    200 hours per year $48,000
    400 hours/year $48,000
  • Engine repair
    200 hours per year $63,987
    400 hours/year $63,987
  • Additional crew/landing/processing costs
    200 hours per year $40,000
    400 hours/year $80,000
  • Variable costs
    200 hours per year $5,000
    400 hours/year $10,000
  • Insurance
    200 hours per year $22,010
    400 hours/year $22,010
Fixed costs
  • Crew
    200 hours per year $200,371
    400 hours/year $200,371
  • Crew training
    200 hours per year $26,201
    400 hours/year $26,201
  • Hangar
    200 hours per year $31,360
    400 hours/year $31,360
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Frequently Asked Questions about Phenom 300E

How long of a runway does a Phenom 300E need?

The aircraft Phenom 300E requires a takeoff distance of 956 m m and landing distance of 799 m m. 

The Phenom 300E belongs to a Mid and Super-Mid size Jets (7-10 seats) category

Aircraft Phenom 300E equipped with avionics Garmin G1000 or G3000

First Aircraft Phenom 300E was produced in 2009 year

The Phenom 300E is powered by engines manufactured by PW535E

Aircraft fuel consumption for Phenom 300E is 200 gallon

Baggage capacity in Phenom 300E is 2.15 m3

The Phenom 300E has typical seating for 8 pax passengers and 4 crew.

Cabin height on Phenom 300E is 1.49 m.

The Phenom 300E cabin is 4.5 m. long from the cockpit bulkhead to the aft lavatory (excluding baggage).

The Phenom 300E has a service ceiling of 13716 m..

The max cruise speed of the Phenom 300E is 839 km./h..

The Phenom 300E has a max range of 3650 km.

The DOC for the Phenom 300E is $289,724.

Charter price for Phenom 300E staring from от 3500 €.

The Embraer Phenom 300E list price is $9 450 000

We have 191 Phenom 300E plane on our base

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