Aircraft rental from Moscow to Nice, Geneva, Rome and other European cities

Jan 24, 2023

Our competitors are just opening new flight routes to Europe, but we have been using them in our work for a long time and do not present it as hot news for the media.

The JETVIP company offers flights in the direction of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg or other cities of the Russian Federation) - Armenia, Turkey or Kazakhstan (for changing aircraft) - and further to any European country.

We also offer the following services:
rental of a private jet at any time upon request for flights within the Russian Federation or abroad (the plane is ready to take off in 3-5 hours)
Empty legs - rent a private jet with a good discount of up to 70%
Jetsharing is the most profitable and popular type of rental at a business class price (you fly with other passengers and share the cost of the flight among all)
Urgent medical evacuation from any country to Russia or within Russia.

We also have many other professional schemes for flying to Europe and other countries on various private jets.

The JETVIP team always has its finger on the pulse and is ready to offer business jets for any request 24/7

Our website with a catalog of business aviation aircraft and all the characteristics, as well as a convenient business jet flight calculator.
Our Instagram account JETVIP
We are on Facebook
Our telegram channel with all current flights on private jets, discounts, empti legi, jet sharing

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