Long Drivers European Tour and an official sponsorship with JETVIP

Jun 04, 2018

St. Petersburg, 26t May 2018. – Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) is pleased to announce an official sponsorship with JETVIP as a new sponsor for the Russian tournament.

The JETVIP, will for the first time appear at the RUSSIA LDET Championship at Peterhof Golf Club this weekend 2 nd and 3 rd June at the fourth event of the season.

In addition to its sponsorship, this aviation broker company will award the Top3 LDET member-players with a free charter flight across Europe (option is valid for 1 year, for two people) and with a check of 200€ for the “longest ball of the day”.

On behalf of one of the incontestable leaders of Russian business aviation, JETVIP company, we are glad to greet the distinguished guests and participants of the LDET championship here in St.Petersburg! Technical precision, prediction, intense attention to every single move - that is what makes your gorgeous sport elite. And the same you can find in what we professionally do. In this due there is no doubt for me that JETVIP and LDET support of each other is a natural matter and will inevitably entail gaining the momentum for both our companies. ” said Osit Aleksandr, CEO of Jetvip


JETVIP LLC is a dependable international company with over 12 years of experience in the domain and international aviation field. The company's headquarters is situated near Vnukovo-3. Jetvip experts speak several languages and can help schedule a flight for you to any destination worldwide 24/7. The company's customer audience is comprised of big business executives, the world's largest corporations, political and corporate elite, business tour operators.

JETVIP LLC has been providing business aviation services worldwide since 2003. The service our customers enjoy truly deserves to be designated as VIP aviation. At any time of day or night, with no days off, you can count on us.

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