JETVIP is breaking records and COVID is not an obstacle for us!

Jul 30, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) outbreak is being felt around the world. The pandemic has deeply affected all aspects of our lives and, in addition to a threat to public health, it poses economic and social hardships, has a strong negative impact on labor markets, economies and enterprises, which leads to large-scale problems and business disruptions.

The business aviation industry is no exception. The spring of 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history, first of all, because in just a few days the economy of the whole world stopped. April and May 2020 were very difficult, and the saddest thing is that we did not have forecasts and, accordingly, could not make long-term plans, think about the prospects for the development and scaling of the company. The restrictions on flights to the Russian Federation, introduced from March 27, 2020, hit hard not on demand as such, but on supply, to be more precise, on the possibility of organizing a flight. In fact, countries around the world have closed their borders to restrict the import of the virus from outside. The demand was both high and remained, but the opportunity to take Russians abroad was lost, with the exception of those citizens who have a residence permit or a passport of a foreign state.

But even in these difficult months, the JETVIP team of specialists worked tirelessly and were able not only to retain, but also to increase the team by hiring new employees, as well as to significantly increase the client pool. Today we are one of the most sought-after and professional business aviation brokers in the Russian market, systematically expanding through our European offices in Riga (Latvia) and Vienna (Austria).

We have recorded a record number of private jet charter applications starting in June 2020 and especially now in July 2020. Both destinations within Russia (St. Petersburg, Sochi, Crimea, Altai and other cities of the Russian Federation) and flights abroad (Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) are in demand. Based on our statistics, which include monthly flights and popular destinations, we have unexpectedly experienced unprecedented growth. According to our data, as of July 29, we have already completed more than 125 flights, which is more than 25% growth compared to July 2019, despite the many restrictions that are still in effect in all countries, including Russia.

Summing up the difficult spring-summer period for business aviation, we use the quote by Friedrich Nietzsche "What does not kill us makes us stronger" and declare with confidence that we have become stronger and are ready to overcome any obstacles to the peace of mind of our customers, continuing to provide service high level under the JETVIP brand. - Thanks to our information partners for the motivation in writing articles

May 28, 2020

BizavNews closely monitors all information on the situation on the business aviation market. The world …

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