Sal Rei, Cabo Verde False

Airports near the city Sal Rei

Nearest airport to the city Sal Rei

Aristides Pereira Intl (BVC)

Airport Aristides Pereira Intl (BVC) is located in 5.3 km from the city center Sal Rei.

The second most remote airport is

Amilcar Cabral (SID)

Distance from the city center to the airport is Amilcar Cabral (Amilcar Cabral) — 62.2 km

And finally, the third most remote airport is


The distance to the airport is 117.3 km.

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Estimated cost of popular flights

Based on flight calculator data

Flight time
89,384 €
106,988 €
Flight time
142,120 €
Flight time
108,672 €
115,352 €
Flight time
53,176 €
62,030 €
72,418 €
89,832 €
Flight time
49,972 €
58,128 €
67,852 €
84,772 €
Flight time
57,844 €
67,716 €
79,072 €
84,200 €
Flight time
47,892 €
64,994 €
75,886 €
81,488 €
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Full list of airports near Sal Rei by distance:

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