Business Jet Citation XLS+

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Aircraft category:
Light and Super Light Jets

up to 8 pax
802 km/h
3,440 km
Trunk volume
2.55 cub.m

~ 3,700 €

Rental price (1h.)

Flight and line-up characteristics


Flight range:
3,440 km
Cruising speed:
802 km/h
Flight altitude:
13,716 m
Take-off weight:
9,163 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
Fuel consumption:
210 gallon
Landing distance:
867 m
Take-off distance:
1,192 m
Typical Avionics Suite:
ProLine 21


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
5.64 m
Salon width:
1.68 m
Salon height:
1.73 m
Cabin Zones:
Salon volume:
13.05 cub.m
Trunk volume:
2.55 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
16.0 m
Aircraft height:
5.23 m
17.17 m

Data (Market)

Start model year:
2008 y
End model year:
In prod.
Total Time Min (hours):
1 740
Hourly Rate / engine:
Overhaul Interval (hours):
5 000
Overhaul Cost:
815 000 $
Mid Life Interval:
2 500
Mid Life Cost:
407 500 $
Approximate purchase price:
$13 365 000

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Легкие и малые самолеты
Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
Flight time
3 ч.40 мин.
No. of places
до 8 человек
Cost of flight
от 26 298,75 €


Cessna Citation XLS + This is an improved version of the 2004 Cessna XLS, in which you can straighten up to your full height in the passenger compartment.

An improved version of the first light administrative aircraft, in which passengers could have straightened to full height. Lightweight twin-engine business class aircraft. The best offer for the rental price and is ideal for flights of no more than 3 hours and 30 minutes, an ideal solution for 4-6 passengers. The Cessna Citation XLS + business jet has long been assigned the definition of the world's most popular jet aircraft. Developed by Cessna. Cessna Citation XLS + was put into operation in 2006 and thanks to the improvements made, it has become even more representative class. The model has completely preserved and even improved the excellent flight data of the Citation XLS. Equipped with modern navigation and control systems, the XLS + is currently considered as one of the best representatives in its class. Business jet The Cessna Citation XLS + airplane allows you to fly to the smallest and most difficult mountain airports.

Cessna Citation XLS + is certified to take off not only from a standard runway but also from an unpaved runway, also, it can fly into the air with a short runway - only 1,085 meters long. This allows you to order a plane for traveling to remote locations whose airports are not equipped to receive large-sized aircraft. Like other models of the manufacturer, Cessna Citation XLS + is equipped with a modern security system. To reduce the load on the crew (consists of two people), the Rockwell ProLine 21 avionics kit, equipped with large LCDs, helps. Citation XLS + is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, which means that you can order a plane for direct flights throughout Western Europe. The aircraft can be used at aerodromes with a short runway and can take off from unpaved surfaces. With its excellent rate of climb and high practical ceiling, the Citation XLS + is surprisingly easy to maintain and requires no special maintenance costs.

You can order and rent, as well as buy a Cessna Citation XLS + aircraft worldwide with the help of our experienced managers. Just call or leave a request. Available for charter flights 24 hours a day!

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Operating costs Citation XLS+
Variable costs
200 hours per year
400 hours/year
  • Fuel cost $400/gallon
    200 hours per year $220,000
    400 hours/year $440,000
  • Support
    200 hours per year $48,000
    400 hours/year $48,000
  • Engine repair
    200 hours per year $86,537
    400 hours/year $86,537
  • Additional crew/landing/processing costs
    200 hours per year $40,000
    400 hours/year $80,000
  • Variable costs
    200 hours per year $5,000
    400 hours/year $10,000
  • Insurance
    200 hours per year $17,493
    400 hours/year $17,493
Fixed costs
  • Crew
    200 hours per year $243,815
    400 hours/year $243,815
  • Crew training
    200 hours per year $27,797
    400 hours/year $27,797
  • Hangar
    200 hours per year $33,032
    400 hours/year $33,032
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Frequently Asked Questions about Citation XLS+

How long of a runway does a Citation XLS+ need?

The aircraft Citation XLS+ requires a takeoff distance of 1192 m m and landing distance of 867 m m. 

The Citation XLS+ belongs to a Light and Super Light Jets (2-8 pax) category

Aircraft Citation XLS+ equipped with avionics ProLine 21

First Aircraft Citation XLS+ was produced in 2008 year

The Citation XLS+ is powered by engines manufactured by PW545C

Aircraft fuel consumption for Citation XLS+ is 210 gallon

Baggage capacity in Citation XLS+ is 2.55 m3

The Citation XLS+ has typical seating for 8 pax passengers and 4 crew.

Cabin height on Citation XLS+ is 1.73 m.

The Citation XLS+ cabin is 5.64 m. long from the cockpit bulkhead to the aft lavatory (excluding baggage).

The Citation XLS+ has a service ceiling of 13716 m..

The max cruise speed of the Citation XLS+ is 802 km./h..

The Citation XLS+ has a max range of 3440 km.

The DOC for the Citation XLS+ is $438,820.

Charter price for Citation XLS+ staring from от 3700 €.

The Cessna Aircraft Citation XLS+ list price is $13 365 000

We have 302 Citation XLS+ planes on our base

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