Business Jet Hawker 750

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Hawker 750
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up to 8 pax
793 km/h
3919 km
Trunk volume
2.28 cub.m
Hawker 750 относится к категории Midsize jet

Rental price (1h.)

~ 3500 €

Hawker 750 plane's characteristics


Flight range:
3919 km
Cruising speed:
793 km/h
Flight altitude:
12500 m
Take-off weight:
12247 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
TFE 731-5BR
Fuel consumption:
300 gallon
Landing distance:
695 m
Take-off distance:
1416 m
Typical Avionics Suite:
350 000 $


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
6.5 m
Salon width:
1.83 m
Salon height:
1.75 m
Cabin Zones:
Salon volume:
17.1 cub.m
Trunk volume:
2.28 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
15.6 m
Aircraft height:
5.51 m
15.65 m

JETVIP Market Data

Start model year:
2008 y
End model year:
2011 y
Total Time Min (hours):
Ask Price Min:
$3 000 000
Ask Price Max:
$3 000 000
Hourly Rate / engine:
Overhaul Interval (hours):
4 200
Overhaul Cost:
700 000 $
Mid Life Interval:
2 100
Mid Life Cost:
350 000 $
Approx. purchase price:
2 000 000 USD USED

Description of the aircraft Hawker 750

Hawker 750: A Modern Business Jet for Your Travels

The Hawker 750 is a modern business jet that offers passengers comfort and performance during flights. This aircraft combines reliability, efficiency and luxury, making it an attractive choice for business travelers and leisure travelers. Let's take a closer look at it.

Height (Cabin height): 1.75 meters
Length: 15.60 meters
Wingspan: 15.50 meters
Cabin width: 1.83 meters
Flight range: About 3,700 kilometers
Comfort and Luxury
The Hawker 750 cabin is designed with an emphasis on comfort and luxury. It provides passengers with a spacious and comfortable space where they can move freely and relax during the flight. The interior is decorated using high quality materials, which creates an atmosphere of luxury.

Productivity and Efficiency
The Hawker 750 has good performance and the ability to fly long distances without stopping. With its range of approximately 3,700 kilometers, you can travel comfortably between cities and countries.

Ideal Choice for Business Travel and Leisure
The Hawker 750's ability to climb to high altitudes and achieve cruising speeds makes it ideal for business travel. At the same time, you get comfort and luxury on board, making this aircraft suitable for leisure and family trips.

Rent a Hawker 750 with JETVIP
JETVIP offers the opportunity to rent a Hawker 750 for your next flight. Regardless of the purpose of your trip - be it a business meeting, corporate event or leisure, we are ready to provide you with first-class service and comfort on board.

The Hawker 750 is a modern business jet that combines comfort and performance. Contact us today to find out more about our Hawker 750 private jet charter services and make your next flight enjoyable and stress-free.

In 2007, the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation released the Hawker 750 based on the Hawker 800. This model was designed primarily for the European consumer market. Hawker 750 has occupied its niche along with other manufacturers: Cessna, Bombardier, Learjet. But a little later, it pulled ahead of its competitors thanks to a more voluminous cabin (nine passenger seats, including three sleeping places). In addition, there is another distinctive feature - the possibility of expanding the cabin to 15 seats. The spaciousness of the cabin almost tripled the Hawker 750 order.

The aircraft is equipped with a kitchen, wardrobe and toilet. In the tail section of the aircraft there is a large luggage compartment designed for heavy weight. The plane meets all the parameters that are required for a business class aircraft, so renting a Hawker 750 is ideal for business flights.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hawker 750

What is the required length of a runway for a Hawker 750 aircraft?

The Hawker 750 aircraft requires a takeoff distance of 1416 m  and landing distance of 695 m.

What category is a Hawker 750 ?

The Hawker 750 belongs to a Midsize jet category

What avionics is an aircraft Hawker 750 equipped with?

Aircraft Hawker 750 equipped with avionics 350 000 $

When was the first Hawker 750 aircraft produced?

First model Hawker 750 was produced in 2008 year

What is the engine model of the Hawker 750 aircraft?

The Hawker 750 is powered by engines  TFE 731-5BR

What is the hourly fuel consumption of the Hawker 750 aircraft?

Fuel consumption for Hawker 750 is 300 gallon

What is the size (volume) of the luggage compartment of the Hawker 750 plane?

The Hawker 750 aircraft has the following luggage compartment size (volume) - 2.28 m3

How many passengers does the model Hawker 750 can take?

The Hawker 750 has typical seating for 8 pax passengers.

What is the height, width and length of the Hawker 750 aircraft cabin?

The Hawker 750 aircraft cabin has the following dimensions: cabin height 1.75 m. , cabin width 1.83 m. , cabin length 6.5 m.  (from the cockpit to the luggage compartment.)

What is the service ceiling of a Hawker 750 ?

The Hawker 750 has a service ceiling of 12500 m..

What is the max cruise speed of a Hawker 750 ?

The max cruise speed of the Hawker 750 is 793 km./h..

What is max distance range of a Hawker 750 ?

The Hawker 750 has a max range of 3919 km.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet Hawker 750 ?

Charter price for Hawker 750 staring from от 3500 € per hour. Ask our manager for accurate pricing.

How much is a new (purchase price) private jet Hawker 750 ?

The Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 750 list price is 2 000 000 USD USED

We have 17 Hawker 750 planes on our base
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