What was 2020 like for JETVIP?

Jan 08, 2021

What was the year 2020 for business aviation and what to expect in 2021?

In all fairness, it should be noted that March and April 2020 were disastrous, but all other months were record-breaking. At least this is the case for our company JETVIP.

In this challenging year, we not only kept the level of orders for business jet charters at the level of the previous 2019, but also improved our performance by 35-45%. Many people ask us what is the secret of your growth, but we answer as before: We are just fans of our business. We love our job and are ready to work day and night. So when others are on holiday, we work hard on bids and find the best deals for our clients.

How did we strengthen our position in the business aviation market in 2020:

  1. The number of new business jet rental clients increased by 30%.
  2. The number of performed medical flights (air ambulance) was increased by 70%. In January 2021, we plan to sign a major agreement on the provision of several medical aircraft on exclusive rights. (see announcement additionally)
  3. We confidently entered the private jet rental market (JET SHARING) with the aggregation of all offers on the business aviation market. More than 20 destinations with daily updates at the best price. We also launched our own telegram channel with all offers for chairlift rental with daily updates.
    A foreign office was opened in Riga (Latvia), headed by Dmitry Osit. A specialist with many years of experience in buying / selling aircraft and everything related to it. Dmitry is also ready to offer his services to foreign clients for renting a private jet.
  4. We have completed 3 aircraft purchase and sale transactions. Signed 2 exclusive private jet sales contracts.
    The contract with a key customer for a long-term lease of a private jet Hawker 850XP was extended for the entire 2021. For more than four years we have been successfully offering long-term rental of business jets. We have accumulated extensive experience in optimizing costs and reducing the cost of an hour.
  5. Completely redesigned our website www.jetvip.ru Here are just some of the novelties: a new site engine, new operating speeds, responsive design, the best catalog of business jets among competitors, a map of restrictions for flights around the world, a private jet rental cost calculator, business questions and answers aviation and much more.
  6. Conducted a cost audit and evaluated the operator's performance on several private jets. Our company employs an experienced specialist with work experience both inside the handling company and inside the operator and on the side of the aircraft owner. With this experience, in 2-3 weeks we fully check all the costs of the aircraft and issue an expert opinion indicating all the points that can and should be optimized.
  7. We have concluded a long-term contract with the catering company ANGEL-SKY.ru and now we do VIP meals from Vnukovo-3 only with them, unless the customer specifies otherwise.

Most likely not all of them were listed, since the year was very busy.

We do not stop at this, and at least we are planning several more new and interesting projects.

As the saying goes, Stay Tuned.

Your JETVIP team.

+7 495 545 45 35
E-mail: sales@jetvip.aero

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