Business Jet Ил-76 ТД

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Aircraft category:
Russian aircraft

up to 90 pax
850 km/h
5,500 km
Trunk volume
321.0 cub.m

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Flight and line-up characteristics


Flight range:
5,500 km
Cruising speed:
850 km/h
Flight altitude:
10,200 m
Take-off weight:
210,000 kg
Number of engines:
Engine model:
Soloviev D-30KP


Max. num. of passengers:
Opt. num. of passengers:
Cabin length:
24.54 m
Salon width:
3.45 m
Salon height:
3.4 m
Salon volume:
3.4 cub.m
Trunk volume:
321.0 cub.m

Plane size

Plane length:
46.6 m
Aircraft height:
14.7 m
50.5 m

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Легкие и малые самолеты
Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
Flight time
3 ч.40 мин.
No. of places
до 8 человек
Cost of flight
от 26 298,75 €


Rent and freight of an IL 76 cargo plane and urgent VIP transportation of oversized cargo

The Il-76T / TD transport aircraft is intended for the transportation of equipment and cargo for various purposes, as well as for the landing of personnel. The aircraft can be operated from concrete and unpaved airfields and is capable of delivering cargo with a maximum mass of 28-60 tons at a distance of 3600-4200 km at a cruising speed of 770-800 km / h (the maximum weight of the transported cargo and the flight range depends on the modification). The cargo compartment is 24.5 m long (of which 4.5 is on the ramp), 3.45 m wide and 3.4 m high. The aircraft is capable of taking on board up to 109,500 liters of fuel and covering a distance of up to 6,700 km with an average fuel consumption of 9 t / h. Takeoff run is 1500-2000 m, and landing run is 930-1000 m.

The IL-76TD heavy ramp cargo aircraft is one of the most successful and demanded aircraft in the history of world cargo aviation. Its characteristics, including the dimensions of the cargo compartment, carrying capacity, the possibility of autonomous loading without the use of airport technology, as well as use at airfields with undeveloped infrastructure, allow it to remain out of competition among aircraft of its class for more than twenty-five years.

As part of the modernization program, the aircraft were equipped with new PS-90A-76 engines and modern avionics. In the new modification, the Il-76TD-90VD aircraft has no restrictions on the geography of flights and meets both the current and future ICAO requirements and performs flights all over the world. The aircraft has a rear cargo hatch with a folding ramp. For loading non-standard cargo, two electric winches with a thrust of up to 3 tons each and 4 electric hoists with a total lifting capacity of up to 10 tons are installed in the cargo compartment. The IL-76 is best used for the transportation of industrial equipment and tools, which, by the way, is possible due to the presence of a large cargo compartment.

Flight performance of IL-76TD Maximum takeoff weight 195 t Maximum loading 50 t Flight range with a maximum load of 4,000 km Cargo compartment dimensions 3.4 x 3.45 x 20 m

The aircraft has several modifications: IL-76T - modification with a reinforced structure and an additional fuel tank; Il-76TD - modification of the Il-76T; Il-76M - a specialized military version of the Il-76T with cannon armament, and a system with dipole reflectors and jamming; IL-76P (TP, TDP) - fire-fighting aircraft; Il-76PS - modification for search and rescue operations at sea; Il-76MD Scalpel - "flying hospital"; IL-76K / MDK - modification for simulating the state of weightlessness during training of cosmonauts, etc.

Cargo transportation by Il 76 plane is popular in Russia. You can order this type of aircraft for cargo transportation directly from the website using the quick order form located at the bottom of the page. Your application will be received and processed. The manager will call you back to clarify the remaining details regarding the cargo and the flight. Order and rent of an IL-76T cargo aircraft for the transportation of masks, sanitizers, dangerous goods, oversized cargo, pallets around the clock by phone +7 (495) 545-45-35 or sales@jetvip.ru

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ил-76 ТД

How long of a runway does a Ил-76 ТД need?

The aircraft Ил-76 ТД requires a takeoff distance of 0 m m and landing distance of 0 m m. 

The Ил-76 ТД belongs to a Russian aircraft category

The Ил-76 ТД is powered by engines manufactured by Soloviev D-30KP

Baggage capacity in Ил-76 ТД is 321.0 m3

The Ил-76 ТД has typical seating for 90 pax passengers and 4 crew.

Cabin height on Ил-76 ТД is 3.4 m.

The Ил-76 ТД cabin is 24.54 m. long from the cockpit bulkhead to the aft lavatory (excluding baggage).

The Ил-76 ТД has a service ceiling of 10200 m..

The max cruise speed of the Ил-76 ТД is 850 km./h..

The Ил-76 ТД has a max range of 5500 km.

Charter price for Ил-76 ТД staring from от 0 €.

We have 11 Ил-76 ТД planes on our base

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